Reiki Infused Scorpio Necklace

Reiki Infused Scorpio Necklace

Seed of Light Designs

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Scorpio, you emotional beauty, you. You are super intuitive and receptive to the energetic realm. But what do you do with it?! A stone that supports your creativity is very beneficial to you, as well as grounding since you are constantly being poked by your intuition, you can get lost in the clouds sometimes. You are very calm and cool, but also mysterious. It's hard for you to human sometimes, so you may find yourself going into hermit mode more often than not, either staying home or getting lost in a hobbie. 

Smokey Quartz; root chakra. Draws white light down from the crown chakra and anchors it in the root chakra to help the wearer feel grounded and safe. Helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, and helps to take away worry when faced with a chaotic situation or confusion. Energetically a very protective stone, and helps the wearer manifest dreams and make them a reality

Citrine: Solar plexus, crown, sacral chakras. Warming, comforting, energizing. Awakens creativity and imagination. Does not hold on to negative energy, rather it transmutes and grounds it. Helps create wealth and keep it sustainable. Really good stone for people who work in sales. Increases productivity. Shields against spite and jealousy. Helps one accept the joys in life. Great for empaths!  Not recommended for people with a firey or quick-temper nature, unless those triggers are healed! 

Stainless Steel chain and semi precious beads