Reiki Infused Pisces Necklace

Reiki Infused Pisces Necklace

Seed of Light Designs

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Pisces! Such a friendly and self-less soul, never expecting anything in return. You are usually very artistic and connected to music. You are very connected to your emotions and intuition, known for your wisdom, however you can sometimes take the place of a martyr, catching attention. Your emotions can often show themselves in your dreams, so make sure to have a set bedtime and waking routine if you notice sleep disturbance. 

Amethyst: Crown chakra. Known as the “all healer” stone. Helps one to heal physical and mental ailments. Great for meditation! Helps to sooth and still the mind, especially if placed on the third eye (add labradorite to enhance abilities) Helps cure insomnia and nightmares

Bloodstone: This stone is regarded as a stone of noble sacrifice. Can offer courage and solace to those who are called to give something of themselves for the good of others. Helps to give courage to the wearer when confrontation is necessary. Stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. Really great stone for mothers, as it helps to ease difficulties in misunderstandings. Helps the wearer ground fully into the physical body, the here and now. Realigns all lower chakras with the Heart.