Reiki Infused Leo Necklace

Reiki Infused Leo Necklace

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Leo, king of the jungle! Self-confident, sometimes too confident ;), dramatic, creative, dominant and irresistible. You have a great sense of humor and just want to make others feel good about themselves. You are in constant search of growth, but get stuck as your ego tends to take over. Grounding yourself while asking your intuition to guide you is very beneficial!

Onyx is a grounding stone, resonating with the root chakra. Onyx integrates dualities within the self, connects to the body, helps the wearer feel their belonging to the earth and family, and helps put down roots. Onyx helps the wearer take aggressive energies and use them to build up physical and mental strength, persistence and endurance. Onyx also provides the centering and alignment of one’s total being to help connect to the higher self for guidance.

Labradorite is a crystal that resonates with the Third Eye chakra. This crystal helps the wearer develop their own psychic sight, as well as see into situations that don't necessarily have the answers right in front of them. Self discovery! Wonderful for finding oneself. Provides protection during meditation. “It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control. Assists in communication with higher guides or spirits, and in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings and past-life recall. It provides an ease in moving between the worlds, and permits a safe and grounded return to the present.” [Simmons, 225] (


Stainless Steel chain and semi-precious gemstones