Reiki Infused Capricorn Necklace

Reiki Infused Capricorn Necklace

Seed of Light Designs

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Capricorn! Sloooowwww and steaadddyy. You get everything done, but at your own pace, sometimes a little grumpy about it too ;). You are very capable of making realistic, solid plans. You are so grounded, but...your slow and steady nature tends to be shaken by small inconveniences, so grounding stones help to remind you you are safe and secure.

Smokey Quartz; root chakra. Draws white light down from the crown chakra and anchors it in the root chakra to help the wearer feel grounded and safe. Helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, and helps to take away worry when faced with a chaotic situation or confusion. Energetically a very protective stone, and helps the wearer manifest dreams and make them a reality.

Stimulates root and crown chakra. Passion and grounding. Sensuality. Willpower and resistance to all things negative. Activates the survival instincts, bringing hope into hopeless situations. Helps to regain spirit during grievance. Brings self-confidence by removing inhibitions.Can stimulate awareness and past-life recall. Activates other crystals, enhancing their abilities.

Stainless Steel chain and semi precious beads