Reiki Infused Aries Necklace

Reiki Infused Aries Necklace

Seed of Light Designs

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Aries, you are a natural born leader! You don't hesitate when you want to get things done, you're a little stubborn in that way. You don't fear the unknown and you don't beat around the bush. Sometimes you're a little impulsive, but regret isn't something you are familiar with, you are mostly on the side of "well at least I tried". You are really really good at starting projects, but finishing....that's another story! You are very playful and romantic, and you have a fire in you that no other zodiac sign has. Sometimes you move so fast though that you forget to stay grounded and creative to continue your projects, or listen to anyone else :) These crystals will support the traits that balance out your firey self!

Citrine: Solar plexus, crown, sacral chakras. Warming, comforting, energizing. Awakens creativity and imagination. Does not hold on to negative energy, rather it transmutes and grounds it. Helps create wealth and keep it sustainable. Really good stone for people who work in sales. Increases productivity. Shields against spite and jealousy. Helps one accept the joys in life. Great for empaths!  Not recommended for people with a firey or quick-temper nature, unless those triggers are healed!

Bloodstone: This stone is regarded as a stone of noble sacrifice. Can offer courage and solace to those who are called to give something of themselves for the good of others. Helps to give courage to the wearer when confrontation is necessary. Stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. Really great stone for mothers, as it helps to ease difficulties in misunderstandings. Helps the wearer ground fully into the physical body, the here and now. Realigns all lower chakras with the Heart.