Grounded and Blessed

Grounded and Blessed

Seed of Light Designs

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Rudraksha Seed: Said to hold the most intense healing energies. Symbolize Divine power and connection to the natural physical world. Boost spiritual energy, aiding in meditation. Brings prosperity, wealth, fulfillment and increased vitality. 

These seeds shine light on issues allowing one to find solutions to create the best life they can. Aids in recognizing addictions and bad habits, leading to solutions. Unity and duality. Overcoming emotional issues. Helps transform one’s behaviors from negative to positive.Allows one to find balance. Carries the energy of the Trinity, the triforce of creation and being. Great for finding the endurance to carry out one’s will. Allows one to control aggressiveness and direct that energy towards creativity instead. Aids to removes nervousness and depression. Carries the essence of infinite knowledge and creativity. Increases insight, concentration and and understanding to help learn and implement lessons quickly. Enhances meditation, which aids growing a spiritual faith and a deep sense of individuality.

Smokey Quartz; root chakra. Draws white light down from the crown chakra and anchors it in the root chakra to help the wearer feel grounded and safe. Helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, and helps to take away worry when faced with a chaotic situation or confusion. Energetically a very protective stone, and helps the wearer manifest dreams and make them a reality. 

Onyx is a grounding stone, resonating with the root chakra. Onyx integrates dualities within the self, connects to the body, helps the wearer feel their belonging to the earth and family, and helps put down roots. Onyx helps the wearer take aggressive energies and use them to build up physical and mental strength, persistence and endurance. Onyx also provides the centering and alignment of one’s total being to help connect to the higher self for guidance.