Garden Necklace

Garden Necklace

Seed of Light Designs

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Opals correspond to the color chakra they emulate. Illuminates and intensifies all aspects of the emotional body. It helps the wearer identify and work through old wounds, fears, anger, and other negativity that harms the self and others. Helps the wearer communicate with spirit and with others on Earth. Helps one achieve personal goals and connect to nature.

Amazonite: Can be blue, green, reddish, brownish, yellowish! Amazonite embodies water energy, like the river it's named after. Aligns all chakras, but is particularly rejuvenating for the Heart and Throat chakra. The stone of courage and the stone of truth. Helps provide freedom for one to speak their mind, and express themselves freely. Enhances loving communication of all levels. Allows one to see both sides of a situation, and encourages compassion. Helps one communicate thoughts and feelings without becoming over emotional. Aids in relieving loneliness, and is said to make marriages happier.

Stainless Steel chain, semi precious gemstone