Reiki, Yoga, and Readings


Welcome, I'm happy you're here! I'm guessing you clicked here because you have an interest in Reiki and/or Yoga ?

Yoga and Reiki are both close to my heart for different reasons. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that works to move energy through and within the energetic meridians of the physical body, and yoga is the practice of integrating mind-body-spirit in a physical form. I have benefited from the positive healing effects of both yoga and Reiki, and am so excited to be able to share them with you!

Let me dive a little deeper.

'Reiki' is a Japanese word that translates as 'universal life energy'. The Usui system of reiki that I was trained under is a way of working with reiki for the healing of the self and others. What do I mean by 'healing'? I mean the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness, your spirit, or soul, receiving the highest possible vibration; unconditional peace and love. Who doesn't love that??

Reiki can be practiced at a distance or in person, but is always consent driven. During a session, the practitioner will hover their hands over the major energy centers of your energetic body, also known as the chakras, moving universal love light energy to those spaces. Since reiki is energy healing, the energy will continue to flow for a couple days after the session.

Yoga is the 5,000 year old practice of mind-body-spirit connection. Using asana, or poses, to direct energy through the body, calming the central nervous system and teaching how to be an energetic being in this human experience. Yoga is a wonderful practice or exercise regimen to help heal from emotional trauma, physical trauma (except also do your physical therapy!), but also helps to break a sweat and build muscle resilience, strength and flexibilty. 

I also offer Intuitive Chakra Readings. I gain information using Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing), your chakras and asking for information from your angel guides to give messages to you that you seek. 

Sessions I've done in the past that might tickle your fancy:

-Reiki session, 60 and 90 minute

-Heart Centered Yoga Flow before weddings

-Chair Yoga

-Strength Building Vinyasa

-Mindfulness Meditation

-Chakra Readings

I would love to connect and assist you on your healing journey :)

Want a Reiki session, chakra reading or private yoga session?? I'll come to you! I'm currently travelling to the DC Metropolitian area, including Montgomery County, DC, Arlington, Frederick, Laurel, Howard and the Western portion of PG County. If you would like a session but would rather come to my home, please reach out over email.

If you are interested in a session or want to chat more, please email me at



For those who are interested in my training and teaching history:

I completed my RYT-200 training at extendYoga Rockville in January 2017 and am registered through Yoga Alliance. I currently teach chair yoga at Interfaith Works Empowerment Center aka Progress Place for homeless adults in Silver Spring. Led a meditation/distance healing circle/benefits outdoor yoga class donating all proceeds to the Rainforest Alliance with my lovely Astrologer Imani Harmon in DC in August 2019. And of course have taught yoga before my friend's wedding, trips to the beach and for fun in the woods!

I completed my Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2, Shoden and Okuden training in November 2019 at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, and Reiki Master Shinpiden in July 2020. 

Currently in pursuit of a NASM Fitness Nutrition certification.