Policy Notice

Policy Notice:

I will be contacting you 5 days before your scheduled appointment with confirmation of your address, appointment time, date and session type. Confirmation must be given at this time.

Full payment is required at time of scheduling. For full reimbursement, notice is required 72 hours before scheduled appt. If notice is given 24 hours or less prior to your scheduled appointment, 50% of your payment will be refunded. 

Effective October, 28, 2020. A deposit of 50% of the selling price is required for custom jewelry. The remaining payment is due in full once the seller contacts the consumer with the finished piece. Items will not be shipped until full payment is complete. Materials for custom jewelry and/or creation of custom jewelry will not be purchased or started until deposit is paid to seller. The seller will provide a written confirmation of custom jewelry including materials and price before accepting deposit from the consumer. 

To dispute a custom jewelry piece, the consumer must provide the written confirmation from the seller stated above.

The owner has the right to deny or refuse to sell to, work with, communicate with any persons or businesses the owner sees fit within reason. The owner must provide reason of denial or refusal. Reason for denial or refusal cannot be associated with race, biological sex, gender identity, language, disability, religion, age, or political background.

Seed of Light LLC has the right to deny to sell to or refuse to work with any entity, person or business that poses a threat to the mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual well-being of the owner at the owners discretion.